The Idea

Advertising is everywhere. In many public spaces, we have no choice over what we see in our visual field. There is no way to avoid billboards driving on the highway. Stop abortions, get a vasectomy, go to Disney, retire in paradise, visit the largest orange superstore, get high powered munitions, visit the worlds largest 24 hour surf shop, go golfing, 3.19 gas, sell your old cell phone, visit a antique mall, fast food with new healthy choices, your best customer just drove by! In 120 miles, could there be a message that serves an apolitical and non-economic purpose. Can there be an advertisement that says “tonight, lay down and look at the starts” or an image that exists for the sole purpose of beauty or surprise.

Architecture, signs, cars, lights, noises, paint, logos, illustrations, prices, photos, graffiti, posters, and music all have an agenda to them, a set of ideas associated with them. There is a 'designed' way in which they are supposed to make you think and feel. There are few neutral or inert objects, everything was created to have a specific and often commercial purpose.

AdShades: Visual Simplification System is a project that allows people to process the ideas of their world in a new way. Using computer vision to replace human vision, the visual language of everything is abstracted and 'simplified'. This process allows one to see relationships of line, shape, color, light, space, and form in public space that is normally overpowered with too much detail and visual noise. The act of objectively seeing an entire space becomes a valuable tool to think critically about the world. AdShades is a specific aesthetic experience that uses concepts from the history of abstraction to understand the elemental beauty that exists in real space.

Mockup 11/04/2009 
Image used to propose idea

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